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All children are different, which is why we tailor our curriculum to meet each child's unique needs. Your child is welcomed in a warm and nurturing environment to put them at ease and encourage learning. Whether English is your child's first or second language, there is a place for him here! Contact us to learn more about our programs.

Give your child a solid foundation for learning starting at a young age

The years before your children enter kindergarten are important for their overall development. Their minds are like sponges, absorbing and learning from everything that surrounds them. Starting as early as age 2, we nurture their natural curiosity and encourage learning during this important time in their development. Little Swans Preschool built educational system based on individualized and creative learning. We put that philosophy into practice with every child that comes through our doors.

Play time is work time for your pre-school age child. Through self-guidance, discovery and of course, play time, your child develops a keen mind and sense of self-awareness while developing the cognitive and social skills that he will have for a lifetime! Whether your child speaks English fluently or as a second language, there is room for them or her in our classrooms with a diverse student body.

• Indoor play

• Outdoor play

• Creative learning

• Jungle gyms

• Athletic games

Day care

After school care

Is your child ready to start learning? Give us a call to enroll your child and build a foundation.

Prepare your child for kindergarten and beyond with a personalized preschool program that addresses his individual needs and makes him excited about learning.

Fun, educational preschool programs

Individualized and creative learning

Our unique approach to education promotes independent thinking, creative learning, and cultural understanding.


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